We have worked with companies based in: Argentina, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Greece, India, Lithuania, Malaysia, S. Korea, UK, US.


DIGITAL ANALYTICS: Product Management to design local offerings targeting retail, media, FMCG, banking and telco customers.

CREDIT MANAGEMENT: Business Development in the M. East, Africa and Asia targeting Banking, Insurance and Retail clients over a period of 12 months. The initial customer meetings within the first 3 months lead to the first proposal requests within the first 6 months.

SMART (BLOCKCHAIN) CONTRACTS: Strategy workshops and training to large corporations. Facilitate the relationship between tech solution providers and local companies for the implementation of new cases.

RISK MANAGEMENT: Account Management and Business Development in M. East and S. East Asia over a period of 18 months. Lead the engagement from tenders to contract negotiations on behalf of the client.

PRICING ANALYTICS: Business development over a period of 24 months in the M. East and Africa. Orchestrated all activities, from pipeline creation to customer presentations and contract negotiations.

MOBILE ANALYTICS: Built over a period of 12 months a local network of local resellers in the M. East and N. Africa. Built access to a large base of enterprise customers.

SPEECH ANALYTICS: Project management during the early stages of implementation of innovative solutions.